Easy to use,
Difficult to score without.

StudyVista is built on four pillars that seamlessly flow into each other on the cloud. They are Learn, Practise, Measure and Engage. Each is a fundamental element to students learning and preparing well. And together, they ensure that higher scores are as easy, as the platform is to use.

StudyVista packages for CBSERegister now

Basic Package

  • Maths & science (Standard 5 to 10)
  • Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology (Standard 11 & 12)

Advanced Package

  • Basic Package + Competitive Exam + Civil Service Foundation (Standard 5 to 12)


  • Online Tution on Demand (Standard 5 to 12)



Kids can easily spend days on a tablet or computer because they love it. But textbooks? That's a different story altogether! At StudyVista, we know this well. So, we've developed fun, interesting content that students will love, to be accessed on the device of their choice.

Here are the exceptional features :

  • Adaptive Learning Platform
  • Exam-oriented content to enhance lessons taught in textbooks and class
  • Generates interest with illustrations, concept maps, etc.

  • Instant Quick Tests to check if concepts are understood
  • Focus Chapters; Areas of focus based on analysis of weaknesses
  • Focus Chapters; Areas of focus based on what's now taught in class
  • Answers to all questions on NCERT text books


In today's education system, a lot of time is spent on teaching, and much less time on practise. As a result, students fail to develop problem solving skills. But, with StudyVista, students learn their subjects, and then practise how to tackle exams on those topics. What's more, the entire process of setting and taking their own exams means that students enjoy it, and therefore end up facing more exams, willingly.

Here's how it works :

  • LIVE updated question bank with more than 1 Lakh questions. Both objective & subjective type questions along with detailed answers/solutions
  • Exam-oriented questions to enhance the lessons in textbooks and class
  • Variety of practise questions like crosswords, puzzles, ordering, match the columns, etc.
  • Practise all that's studied in class
  • Develops intelligence, not rote-learning
  • Support for various Competitive exams like entrance exams, Olympiads, NTSE, and KVPY only in the Advanced Package


With StudyVista, students' performances are constantly measured. What's more, students can themselves keep testing their learning, until they are satisfied with their scores. This creates a positive, self-driven pressure that ensures students strive to improve. And over time, they definitely will.

Here's what leads to intense improvement :

  • Objective and subjective questions of complexity levels 1 - 5, including HOTS
  • Students can set their own tests, and take re-tests until satisfied with the score
  • Multiple chance to improve scores before they are passed on to teachers and parents
  • StudyVista will set CBSE-type exams where ranks will be compared at national level
  • Measure students' exam readiness
  • Graphs showing vital metrics
  • Detailed analysis of students' performance at chapter level available to both students and parents
  • Graphical reporting of students' performance history


With StudyVista, students, parents and teachers are all intrinsically connected. This means that both parents and teachers are in the loop as to how well the students are doing. It leads to a continuous flow of feedback, encouragement and suggestions - inevitably leading to improvement. And often, an exponential increase in scores.

Here's why scores multiply :

  • Students can form multiple study groups - like whatsapp groups
  • Teachers can join the study group for each class
  • Study group members can discuss studies, and set tests for themselves
  • Study groups can also set their own focus chapters
  • Teachers can set full-length exams
  • Ask now - students can ask questions and get answers from fellow students, teachers or experts
  • e-Medals given to students based on test performances
  • Study groups can also set their own focus chapters
  • Teachers can set full-length exams
  • Ask now - students can ask questions and get answers from fellow students, teachers or experts
  • e-Medals given to students based on test performances

Online Tuition

With self-learning, even the brightest of students may face some road blocks at times. That is when the simple and convenient online tuition feature of StudyVista comes handy. It connects students with expert online tutors, who will explain the concepts using a whiteboard and audio-video conferencing.

  • Qualified teachers can create their own virtual online courses and classes
  • Students have the freedom to choose their online tutor while sitting in their living room.
  • Digital Whiteboards
  • Audio/Video conferencing
  • Instant messaging between the tutor and the students
  • Support for one-to-one classrooms (one teacher and one student)
  • Support for one-to-many classrooms (one teacher with up to 6 students)